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It’s easy to get lost in the future of our imaginations. Let us guide you on a pragmatic path. Splantern will illuminate a path grounded in reality for your startup. 


Core Services

Experience Design Strategy

Experience Design (XD) is the cross-skilled design discipline whereby designers involved design products and services necessary to create desirable, feasible, and viable user-experiences that satisfy customer needs as well as the needs of the employees that operate these services or offer these products.

Experience designers define a comprehensive strategy to orchestrate the operations necessary to sustain the experiences at each touchpoint along the customer journey. Experience design also weighs in on how the desired experience sits in the context of other experiences the brand owns and adapts each particular experience to the environments and ecosystems they live in as appropriate.

Needs Opportunity Analysis

Identifying and understanding customer needs is critical in any design thinking process. We don’t simply give you a list of needs that looks pretty and then collects dust on a shelf, we go a step further and brainstorm and map possible features that can accommodate those needs. Then beyond this we help you prioritize them in terms of value to the customer vs. value to your business.

Idea Generation

There are 1001 ways to generate ideas; however, we have a systematic method that generates, synthesizes and lays out a plan. Hire us to brainstorm if you’re stuck in a rut or just want to see what we’re made of. No one comes up with ideas as good as ours. We set the path forwards with a goal idea and work our way back to reality so that our ideas can come to life immediately for your business.

UX/UI Prototyping & Development

Prototyping is a critical factor in our design process. It is simply the best way to obtain actionable feedback and helps figure out how to solidify ideas. Our prototypes can be created using fully coded components, design softwares, and even physical paper and cardboard. The fidelity and type is determined upfront based on the scenario at hand and our professional design staff can visualize the interface needed for every interactive touchpoint identified as part of our strategy process.

Design Method

From Design Thinking to Lean, We've done it all. Below is our take on what it takes.


We specialize in assisting startups to formulate their ideas into understandable communications and plan for achievable experiences with the budget that you have not the budget that you hope you had.​